Industrial AI Platform

A safer place for everyone with intelligent AI controls. Our goal is to protect your priceless resources by identifying unsafe actions and unsafe condition and mitigating risk factors before it leads to an accident.

Industrial Safety

Our tailor-made solution is deliberately designed for industrial sites to address safety challenges in action. Access an inimitable ready-to-use safety scenario to boost your safety.

Artificial Intelligence

We have developed an innovative AI-powered solution that breaks the limits of control. The Faraadid AI detects and reports any safety violations in real-time.


Enhance your safety plans by easily integrating them with your existing CCTV system. By using your existing camera networks, you can improve your safety without incurring extra costs.

Video Surveillance

Data-driven insights derived from collected video streams and intelligent analysis empower your decision-making process.

  • Work at Height

    A combination of safety scenarios is needed to ensure that work-at-height safety regulations are met.

  • Fire Detection

    Our fire and smoke detection components are extremely accurate even in open areas. It can also integrate with your F&G system to check for false positive alerts.

  • Lifting Operation

    Ensure that safety regulations are followed during lifting operations, such as the use of personal protective equipment, red zones, and ergonomics.

  • Housekeeping

    Identify anomalies and alert changes by comparing workplace conditions with the reference set up.

  • Traffic Control

    Detecting and identifying plates, identifying faces, and controlling outfits provide smart traffic control.

  • Emergency Evacuation

    Provide safe and prompt evacuation in the event of an emergency by tracking people for POB (People on Board) and detecting on-site activities.

AI-engines for Safety Concepts


We can apply safety scenarios designed for humans using our AI engine, which detects humans as safety concepts. A safety scenario powered by intelligent artificial intelligence can detect and identify humans, count people (headcount), recognize faces, and control body posture for ergonomics besides unsafe actions such as slipping, smoking and phoning.


Our AI engine can identify a wide range of personal protective equipment. With the help of PPE detection, you can ensure the safety of your human resources at any given moment, including helmets, glasses, gloves, harnesses, masks, and many more.


To ensure safe traffic, check authorized vehicles, and comply with your red zone management regulations, identify different types of cars, heavy vehicles, and even cranes. Controlling vehicle traffic will enhance your operational safety as well as your overall safety.

Fire and Smoke

Many open spaces on industrial sites are not protected by conventional smoke and fire detectors. With our fire and smoke feature, you’ll have the best possible control over any potential fire or smoke accident. It can also support steam and leakage in compliance with safety regulations.

Action Plan

Each anomaly detection can execute a specific action plan to automate your reaction to identifying risk factors on site.

Fast Response

In less than 2 seconds, we can alert you to every safety risk, giving you enough time to address the issue before an accident occurs.

Easy Implementation

You can integrate your safety framework with the best AI-powered safety solution in less than a month with the help of our digital transformation team.

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